Deaf Forever rates “Bow Down” with 8/10

We are proud to present you another great review:

Thank you very much Michael Kohsiek and DEAF FOREVER !

Next wednesday, 16th February the issue will be released – get one and unleash the flame like Watain on the cover!

Here is the English translation: “A nice stylistic surprise can be found on the second album of the Saarland metallers GRAVETY, who have used the past nine years (and a longer band break) since their debut for a clear course correction. While “Into The Grave” was even more clearly at home in thrash, even though more sluggish passages could be heard there, album number two is now a bow to the great epic metal combos like Atlantean Kodex, Manilla Road or the viking era of Bathory. Of course, they are still a bit far from the quality of the role models mentioned, but “Bow Down” still provides fun and, depending on your mood, raised fists or swords – also and especially thanks to the crisp guitars and the powerful vocals. If you need tips on how to play it, you should definitely put the two great tracks “Tower of Ghenjei” and “Unleash the Flame” (with “Lord Of The Rings” flair) on the list.”

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