• Prelisten Party at Camelot Restaurant
    On Halloween you can listen to our new album “Bow Down” before it’s released. The gathering will take place at @camelot_restaurants in Fröschengasse 18, 66111 Saarbrücken on the 30th of October at 7:00 pm. In an medieval themed area you can eat fantastic food and drink all sorts of honey […]
  • Message to the Children of the Grave
    Our first new song in 9 years is featured on NWOTHM Full Albums playlist for upcoming releases. Listen to Carry On the Flame!Share, like, subscribe!
  • Message to the Children of the Grave
    Here is an excerpt from our history, where you can find the name of the barbarian king on our cover. In 2019 the supernatural entity, known as Cryptor, has risen from the river Saar. Bound to an old grudge he was imprisoned under the water. He was feared in many […]
  • Message to the Children of the Grave
    Today we present you the cover artwork of our upcoming album “Bow Down” painted by Maestro Velio Josto. Can you guess the name of the barbarian king on this throne? Be prepared for big news soon.Until then bow down!
  • Carry On the Flame Video Preview
    Here are some impressions from the preview of our video “Carry On the Flame”. A few barbarians reunited and also teamed up with Star Wars characters for an epic crossover. Visitors asked about the making of the video and what influenced us. Some said it has Dio vibes! Our thanks […]
  • Gravety auf der 7. Filmboerse Saar
    Kommenden Samstag, 18.09.2021 zeigen wir gemeinsam mit WitchHunt Pictures im Cineroom auf der 7. Filmbörse Saar – Uncut & Unzensiert exklusiv als Vorpremiere das Musikvideo zu „Carry On the Flame“. Ihr habt die Möglichkeit euch mit Barbaren aus dem Video fotografieren zu lassen, sowie Fragen an WitchHunt Pictures und uns […]
  • What is your favourite Manilla Road album?
    Our friends from Epic Metal Blog have a special about MANILLA ROAD. Kevin speaks about what this band means to him. What is your favourite MANILLA ROAD album?
  • Message to the Children of the Grave
    Our first interview in 8 years has been unleashed! Kevin answered the questions of the Epic Metal Maniacs from Epic Blog. Follow these guys on Instagram!
  • Gravety is online!
    After years of hiding in the shadow our homepage has finally risen from grave!